After I moved here, David asked to watch movies with him together sometimes.

Usually, I would say no.
At first, I tried. But it was too hard to me.
Watching an English movie with Chinese subtitle, Perfect!!!
Watching an English movie with English subtitle, it may be ok.
Watching an English movie without any subtitle, plz kill me!!!

Fews days ago, David borrowed some movies from the library.
At first, I only watched one movie with him because it had Chinese subtitle.
It not only had Chinese subtitle, but had "traditional" Chinese subtitle. XD

OK! The point is following,
two days ago, Daivd watched this movie, "PS I love you."
I watched this movie two years ago aboard the airplant and WITHOUT any subtitle.
I can't understand at all.
When David started to watch this movie, I was not really watching that.
I only heard.
And I found, What!! I can understand!? Then I started to watch.

I really can't believe that. I can understand most of that.
I cried, I laughed, I felt.

Thank you Lord.
Even I thought it is too hard to me to learn English at first, I can see the progress on me.
After I passed the English test, I did one more thing that I am proud of myself.
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