I know I have not update my blog for a long time.
I am sorry about that.
I was just toooooo busy...

OK, here is my recent life,
I started to practice driving.
I drove to work since more than two weeks ago.
Caz I only have temp license, I need someone who has license to sit beside me.
So, David will be that guy.
So far he is an OK teacher. He's just IMPATIENT!!!!!!

We started to invite brothers and sisters to come our house since one month ago.
At first I prayed to God that I wanna spend more time with saints.
I was happy David agreeed with that.
Every Tuesday night, WE OPEN OUR HOUSE!

Mayfield Heights Church had VBS in the past week.
VBS means vacation bible school.
We had singing classes, bible stories classese, craft classes, games time, reading classes and math review.
During that week, kids also needed to prepare a bible story show.
That week really kept us busy.

The last one is:
We have parade again this year!!!!
The coming Sunday I will be busy again!!
After that, I hope I can often write my blog. :)

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