Few days ago, I did two things.
I was really proud of myself.

The first thing is,
I've never "killed" an pineapple before.
Every time when I want to eat, I will let David do it.
I didn't know why, I just thought I can't handle this fruit.
I went to Kelly's birthday party last Saturday.
Before that, I asked Jasmine if she needed help.
She said I may help her to make a fruit dish. And the pineapple was one of them.
This time, I wanted to try it by myself.
It was not so hard.
It's like other kinds of fruits. I just needed to cut it with a sharp knife.
I make it!!!
I will try to get a phone for showing my fruit dish.

The second thing is,
In the same day, I needed to take care Lydia during the evening. It was from 7-9 pm.
Because that day was Ping's birthday. Ester and Ping would go out to watch a movie.
Ester told me that I didn't need to help Lydia taking a shower.
They would do that after they came back. Even Lydia usually goes to bed at 8:30.

Lydia was sitting on my leg and watching my laptop around 8.
We were talking.
And then she thought about something suddenly.
She started to say "xi, xi, xi......"
I knew that means "xi zao" (take a shower)
And we made it!!
After that, I tried to do one thing that onebody succeed before, beside her parents.
That's taking her to sleep.
At first we sat there and talked the story book by book.
The last book was talking about a little boy went out to play snow for a day.
And he went to bad in the night. (Don't laugh! That's little kids' book)
Then I told Lydia, did you want to go sleeping now?
And she nodded!!!!!! XDDDDD

I am really proud of myself.
If you think these two thnhs are not big deal.
Please make them by yourself!!!
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