It was the first time I went to restaurant with Dave to make balloon yesterday.

Yes! Don't doubt! Dave is a balloon guy.
I think this kind of part-time job may not be accepted in Taiwan.

When I just got here, I spent most of my time staying at home.
But I found I coundn't catch the point of some parts of Dave's life, the life of the research and makeing balloon.
I started to go with him when he went to lab in the morning.
I started to go with hime when he went to parties or events.
And then I went to the restaurant with him.

In the restaurant, he did balloon for tips.
But he had motive. He wanted to get parties from there.
When people got the balloons form him, they always said that's awesome!! XD
Peoplay say no picture no truth!! Sorry I didn't have camera!!

That's good for me to get closer to him!

是的,別懷疑! 他是個做氣球的! 我想這的確很難被台灣人所接受


當別人從他那裡拿到氣球的時候,他們總是說:媽呀!這也太棒了吧!! XD
鄉民總是說,沒圖沒真相! sorry!我真的沒相機...


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